Foundations of Tantric Yoga

Come learn the philosophical foundations of Tantric Yoga, along with the methods and purposes of various practices that have emerged from this tradition.




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In this program, you learn to activate mantra in the cakra-s through central-channel breathing and use the power of meditation and chanting to affect deep inner transformation.

Explore the integrated use of breath-centric asana, mudra, kriya, pranayama, and bandha to bring your awareness into the central channel and make the journey along the path to liberation.

Whether you are just taking your first steps on the yoga path or are an experienced yoga teacher, join Gary Kraftsow for an immersion in the traditions of yoga that have been benefiting humanity for thousands of years.

Note: Combine all three of Gary’s August programs for a full week-long immersion in yoga’s depth practices at a 10% discount.

Recommended reading Gary Kraftsow, Yoga for Wellness and Yoga for Transformation.

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