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Meditation Unlocked: Understanding and Practice

Meditation is an ancient practice, found in all world religious traditions, linking the hearts and minds of practitioners to sources of guidance, inspiration, and/or the Divine. Dysfunctional patterns at the level of thought, feeling, and behavior create attachment, identification, conflict, and distraction, and are obstacles to finding the peace of that deep connection. The Ancient […]

By Robin Lilly |

Yoga and the Autonomic Nervous System: Managing your Energy

The stresses and strains of changing circumstances have a direct impact on our physical and mental condition. While much of the focus in contemporary yoga is on how to manage our structure, in this series, we will focus on how to manage the impact of the stress and strains of daily life upon our energy. […]

By Robin Lilly |

Yoga for Life

The Relationship with your Spine – June 3, 2021 Are you living for your yoga practice, or using your yoga practice to help you live your life? Focusing on the spine, we’ll consider what is essential for creating and maintaining a healthy and integrated structure. Then we’ll explore how to use breath-centric āsana as a […]

By Robin Lilly |