Yoga Therapy training - Day One

It’s Day One of the 2016 session of Viniyoga Therapy Training.  The truth is, the training, planning, worrying and wondering began long ago but the excitement and joy in the room right now is palpable.

It’s different for everyone.  Some know from the beginning of the Viniyoga Foundations Program that they will continue on.  Others are as surprised as anyone else – like friends and family – that their curiosity about Yoga has taken them down this road.

Leaving your home and family for two weeks every six months for two years is not easy.  The manual for one session is the size of the Manhattan phone book, and the homework before you even arrive is daunting.

But in the opening circle, when asked to share something about yourself, you will hear a common refrain:  Viniyoga is the “intelligent” yoga and the sangha will draw you in.