Nikki Myers was introduced to yoga in the 70s. Then it lay dormant while she pursued her dual careers of jazz singing and software design (she holds songwriting credits and software patents in these fields). Emotional and physical stressors encouraged her to return to her yoga practice some years later.

Now Nikki is a Viniyoga 500 Hour Teacher and Viniyoga Therapist and owns a studio, CITYOGA, in Indianapolis. She shares her yoga in classes, in juvenile detention centers, in university settings, in private sessions. Nikki and Nate Rush are deeply committed to a program they’ve developed call The Yoga of 12 Step Recovery, the foundations of which lie in the principles, the teachings, and the philosophy that have come to her from her Viniyoga

Nikki describes her Yoga of 12 Step Recovery in two interviews with Yoga Modern:

When Nikki reflects on her experiences with the AVI community she says she is overwhelmed by the brilliance of the people Gary attracts into his trainings. “This speaks to who Gary is and the depth of his teachings.” Throughout her Yoga Therapy training, she found herself deeply grateful for what she was learning there.

What amazes me is how it continues to deepen and how the integration process comes together. It becomes so alive.