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Cakra Sādhana and the Yoga of Interpersonal Relationship – 8 Limbs


According to the Ancients, human beings experience suffering as a result of our entanglement with the World of Name and Form through identification and attachment and because of our ignorance about the true nature of ourselves, the world around us, and Ultimate Reality. There is perhaps no greater context in which we experience this tension […]

Online via 8 Limbs Yoga
Seattle, WA

Pranayama Unlocked: Understanding and Practice


“Breath-centered āsana practice and prāṇāyāma are among the greatest gifts from the yoga tradition to help us maintain our physiological and metabolic health and well being, balance our emotions, and clarify our minds.” –Gary Kraftsow Prāṇāyāma is considered one of the most powerful practices of yoga. Studies from Harvard, the National Center for Biotechnology Information […]

You & the Mat
Laguna Niguel, CA