All Events are presented by Gary Kraftsow.

Recordings of online events are available to participants for a limited time after the event.

Yoga for Better Health & Yoga for Energy Management

Saturday & Sunday, September 21 & 22, 2024
In person at Pure Yoga, Austin

Viniyoga for a Healthy Structure and Physiological Function on Saturday and Viniyoga for Increasing Energy & Building Vitality and Stress Management & Better Sleep on Sunday…. MORE INFO

The Living, Healing Tradition of Yoga Therapy

Thursdays, October 9, 16, 23, 2024
Online via Yogacampus London

Join Gary Kraftsow, named by Yoga Journal as a Lifetime Contributor and “One of America’s Leading Yoga Therapists”, as he demonstrates the Viniyoga Therapist approach to managing structuralphysiological, and psycho-emotional conditions.

A skilled Yoga Therapist accesses client conditions at multiple levels by…MORE INFO

Āsana Unlocked

November 8-10, 2024
In person at Moksha Yoga, Chicago

Yoga is an ancient system of practical tools to help us heal and transform. Āsana is one of those tools, and can help practitioners create a conscious relationship with their bodies. It is often the gateway that leads students to study other tools such as prāṇāyāma, meditation, and the deeper teachings of yoga. Building a strong foundation can create sturdy roots to continue the deep study of yoga…MORE INFO

Devatā Yoga

May 18-21, 2025
In person at Sivananda Ashram – Bahamas

The Ancient practice of Devatā Yoga uses the symbolism of the Vedic Gods and Goddesses as a means of helping practitioners realize and actualize what the tradition calls our “innate Divine potential.” Devatā Yoga explores and works with transpersonal and archetypal forces that influence us and reveal…MORE INFO