Staff and Faculty

All Staff Faculty

Gary Kraftsow

Founder & Director

Gary is the Founder, Director, and Senior Teacher of the American Viniyoga Institute.

Julie Shaw

Yoga Therapy Faculty

Julie is the Training Coordinator for AVI's Viniyoga Clinical Applications Program.

Juris Zinbergs

Teacher Training Faculty

Juris serves as Senior Faculty in AVI's Viniyoga Foundations Program (VFP).

Kathy Jamison

Teacher Training Faculty

Kathy is Senior Faculty and the VFP Training Coordinator.

Kenneth Tom

Yoga Therapy Faculty

Ken is faculty for the Viniyoga Clinical Applications Training.

Margy Smariga

Yoga Therapy Faculty

Margy is faculty for the Viniyoga Therapist training.

Martha Johnson

VFP Administrative Coordinator

Got a question about your manual? Contact Martha!

Nancy Chapdelaine

Heart-Mind Coordinator

Nancy is the Program Coordinator for AVI’s Heart-Mind Retreats.

Paul Entwistle

Database Manager

Paul fulfills a variety of technological roles for AVI.