Are you ready for the
Deeper Teachings of

Heart-Mind 2024

Devatā Yoga

Working with the Symbolism

of the Gods and Goddesses

Join Master Teacher, Gary Kraftsow, for the first Heart-Mind Retreat since 2019!

March 13-17, 2024
Ancient Yoga Center, Austin, TX

Philosophical language is the language of the mind. Symbolic language is the language of the heart, the language of faith. All spiritual traditions of the world develop both philosophical and symbol language to help the faithful gain a deeper understanding of their right relationship to themselves, to other human beings, to the external world, to thegreater mystery of life itself, and to the dimension of the Sacred or the Divine, however it is understood.

In this retreat, we will explore the symbolism of the Vedic Gods and Goddesses and learn how to work with them through the Tantric Laya Yoga method of Devatā Yoga.

Devatā Yoga is a process of becoming personally attuned to the Divine and, through the Divine, to the deeper meaning and purpose of one’s life. Through Devatā Yoga, we can create a living relationship with the Divine and experience the transformational potential of that relationship.

In Devatā Yoga, the Gods and Goddesses are used as macrocosmic symbols which, collectively, form a kind of a treasure map of our own innate, untapped, Divine potentials. Working with these symbols through Devatā Yoga, we can create a living relationship with the Gods and Goddesses, access their power, transform dysfunctional patterns at the level of desire, feeling, thought, and behavior, and actualize those innate Divine potentials within ourselves.

In the practice of Devatā Yoga, we work with a chosen Deity that symbolizes specific qualities that we want to actualize within ourselves. In the generation stage of practice, we use mantra, yantra, nyāsa and manasa pūjā to “generate the living presence” of the chosen Deity before or within us.

In the completion stage of practice, known as para pūjā, we become one with that Deity, losing all sense of individuality. Over time, the potency of our own dysfunctional patterns are progressively reduced and ultimately replaced by patterns that reflect our deeper, innate Divine potentials — those that are symbolized by the Deity.

Embodying these potentials elevates our impulses, transforms our patterns, and manifests as an evolution in our desires, feelings, thoughts, and behaviorIn this way, Devatā Yoga has an extraordinary potential to change our lives.

This is a topic that students have been asking Gary to teach in depth for many years. In this retreat, you will be initiated into the practice of Devatā Yoga in order to:

  • cultivate a living relationship with the power and potentials symbolized by the Deities
  • realize and actualize those potentials within yourself



The retreat takes place at the Ancient Yoga Center, just outside the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. A ride share option will be made available to participants from Austin-Bergstrom Airport for both arrival and departure.

Early Bird tuition until Feb 13th: $999
After Feb 13, 2024: $1099


Lodging prices at the Ancient Yoga Center are from $320 – $620, dependent upon selection. Lodging includes use of the grounds as well as three vegetarian meals per full day plus teas and snacks.

Tentative Schedule:

Wed, March 13, 2024
Arrival & check-in: 4-6pm
Dinner: 6-7pm
Welcome Session: 7:15-8:45pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, March 14-16, 2024
Early a.m. Practice: 7-8am
Breakfast: 8-9am
Morning Session: 9:30-12:30p
Lunch: 12:30-1:30pm
Afternoon Session: 3-6pm
Dinner: 6-7pm
Sat Evening Session: 7:15-8:45pm

Sunday, March 17, 2024
Breakfast: 8-9am
Morning Session: 9:30-12:00p
Lunch: 12:00-1:00pm
Departure by 2pm