Discover the timeless teachings of Viniyoga in a relaxed environment.  Whether you are just taking your first steps on the path of yoga or are an experienced yogi or Viniyogi, come join us at a retreat at the Ancient Yoga Center in beautiful Austin, Texas or at a location near you!

Heart-Mind Retreats

Designed for all levels of practitioner, Heart-Mind is an annual retreat exploring the deeper teachings of yoga.  Content varies from year to year but may include:  āsana, prāṇāyāma, meditation, chanting, mantra, mudra/nyāsa, and/or manasa pūjā.

Continuing Education

Refresh your personal practice and deepen your understanding of Viniyoga at a Continuing Education event. Enjoy the chance to reconnect with Viniyoga saṅgha from all over the world in a relaxed environment.  Visit old friends and make new ones.


Every year, Gary Kraftsow travels throughout the United States, offering workshops on a variety of topics, including the full spectrum of yoga wisdom, as well as Yoga Therapy. Don’t miss an opportunity to study with a Master Teacher!