Continuing Education

You are invited to join Gary Kraftsow and fellow AVI-trained yoga teachers and Yoga Therapists for Continuing Education retreats.  Share your experiences and deepen your understanding of these timeless teachings.

Yoga is an inner process, a source of strength for these difficult times.  What you can offer as a Viniyoga teacher and/or Yoga Therapist has relevance for these times.

Your continued refinement of your knowledge and experience will help you guide others in navigating through difficult times, grief, major life change, and ultimately facing mortality.

Prior Themes Include:

2017 – Antaraṅga Sādhana:  Building an Integrated practice for Inner Transformation
2015 – Meditation Intensive:  Understand, Experience, Transmit
2014 – Prāṇāyāma Intensive:  Practice, Transform, Evolve

The Venue

The Ancient Yoga Center, a beautiful, serene and inviting retreat center, just a short drive from Austin’s airport, is the setting for this deep inner experience and study of the inner practices of yoga. This center for spiritual nourishment is the ideal location to support you in this inner work and renewal as a practitioner, yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist.   We have been invited to enjoy the beautiful landscaped gardens, find quiet places for personal retreat, walk the grounds (200 acres), enjoy nutritious vegetarian cuisine and enjoy saṅgha in communal areas.