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Embodied Yoga Interview with Gary Kraftsow

Listen to Gary’s interview with Mark Walsh of Embodied Yoga as he discusses his days with Deśikācar and Kriṣṇamācārya, Yoga Therapy, the importance of the breath, the lineage of Viniyoga, the multi-dimensional model of the human being, the ultimate goal of yoga as preparation for death. LISTEN NOW>> #viniyoga #yogatherapy #garykraftsow #breathandyoga #yogalineage #yogateachertraining #yogatherapisttraining #asana […]


An Introduction to Chapter Two of the Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali by Gary Kraftsow

The second chapter of the Yoga Sutra-s is called Sadhana Pada. Sadhana is a the Sanskrit word that is used to mean “practice.” This chapter is for most of us, who are called Baddanjali, meaning those who are bound, caught, in circumstances and those kind of experiences that cause us suffering. Suffering comes in many […]

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Chapter One of the Yoga Sutra-s

AVI is pleased to announce the release of Gary Kraftsow’s commentary on Chapter One of the Yoga Sutra-s of Patañjali in 12 audio downloads. Study chapter one sutras one section at a time by using the audio downloads. The lectures are also available in a 4-CD set. You will come back to these lectures over […]

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Yoga and Religion: A Commentary from Gary Kraftsow

The yoga tradition is rooted in Patañjali’s teachings which are, in turn, rooted in Vedic revelation. The Yoga Sutra-s of Patañjali represent a very unique text in human history because it is more like a science of mind and a science of religion, which is at the same time non-sectarian and not secular. Yoga philosophy […]

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