AVI is pleased to offer our students and alumni an opportunity to take the YogaAnatomy.net Principles Online Course with Leslie Kaminoff for a special discount.

Kaminoff’s YogaAnatomy.net Principles Course has helped teachers and practitioners from yoga, dance, Pilates, and somatic therapy backgrounds improve their teaching, enhance their personal practices, and provide better experiences for their students and clients. Previously available only to students live at his studio, The Breathing Project in New York City, you can now enroll in the course online.

The three twelve-week trimesters cover the essentials of Yoga Anatomy from the perspective of the breath, the spine, and the limbs. The core concepts of yoga: prana/apana, sthira/sukha, brhmana/langhana serve as a lens through which the vast subject of anatomy becomes focused, fascinating and immensely practical.

Because the course focuses on grasping fundamental concepts, rather than memorizing endless details, students can easily embody the material and put it to practical use immediately. In addition, there is a high level of student interactivity through questions, demonstrations and homework assignments.

AVI has negotiated a substantial discount for AVI students and alumni only. If you are a prospective student, a current student or an alumni, contact info@viniyoga.com for more information and a registration link.

This course fulfills the Anatomy prerequisite for the AVI Viniyoga Therapist Training (50 hours of self-directed study). It does not fulfill the Viniyoga Foundations Program requirement for 20 CONTACT hours of anatomy and physiology.