Viniyoga Free Samples

Welcome to our Free Samples page where we provide snippets of Gary Kraftsow’s lectures on a variety of yoga and Yoga Therapy topics. 

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Ancient Yoga Sutra Wisdom

In this clip, Gary Kraftsow talks about the profound wisdom revealed in the ancient Yoga Sutra-s of Patañjali.

“All that arises know that that will pass. Don’t identify with what is impermanent. What arises will cease. That is not who you are.”

“Our pattern is to identify with what arises in your mind and yoga is pointing to a possibility of breaking that identification.”

Viniyoga Fundamentals

“In Viniyoga we adapt the form of the posture to fit the individual.”

In this clip, Gary Kraftsow challenges the widely held and erroneous belief that forcing your body into a preconceived yoga posture is the foundation of yoga practice. Gary explains how and why the Viniyoga approach to practice, teaching and Yoga Therapy are very different from most yoga modalities in the western world.

This audio revealing the core Viniyoga fundamentals will challenge your own preconceptions about yoga practice. During these 15 minutes, Gary will give you tremendous insight into getting the results and the effects you want and need from your yoga practice and your teaching.

Viniyoga Fundamentals With Gary Kraftsow Part 1 (3 minutes)
Viniyoga Fundamentals With Gary Kraftsow Part 2 (12 minutes)

Breathings Role In Yoga

Breathing’s role in yoga is fundamental to your successful practice.
In this clip, Gary Kraftsow explains the crucial role of breathing in Viniyoga and how “yoga is an experiential and experimental science”.