WisdomFeed Meditation Challenge

Teacher: Gary Kraftsow & other renowned meditation teachers

Dates: August 28-September 1, 2023


Gary’s meditation, River of Life: Inner Practices of Tantric Yoga, will be featured on Friday, September 1, 2023. Enjoy a deep meditative practice using the classic mantra, Oṁ Dharmaya Namaha.

Meditation is an ancient practice, found in all world religious traditions, linking the hearts and minds of practitioners to sources of guidance, inspiration, and/or the Divine.

This FREE 5-day Meditation Challenge is an opportunity to develop or enhance your meditation practice with free video/audio practices from Gary and other renowned meditation teachers.

  • Once you’ve registered for the challenge, you’ll get a link to join the exclusive pop-up Facebook community of people who are also going through the challenge.
  • Each day of the challenge, you’ll receive an audio or video meditation.  Share your takeaway from the meditation that day. If you do this for five days straight, the first 25 challengers will receive a prize!