Yoga Journal Names Gary Kraftsow a Lifetime Contributor

Yoga Journal Names Gary Kraftsow a Lifetime Contributor

One of America’s leading yoga therapistsAs founder and director of the American Viniyoga Institute, Gary Kraftsow isa pioneer in the use of yoga for health, healing, and personal transformation.A student in India of T.K.V. Desikachar, who developed Viniyoga, Kraftsow is one of America’s leading proponents of yoga therapy, the therapeutic application of yoga practices to…

AVI in the NYT

It was a great pleasure to read the New York Times article about Mark Bertolini and Aetna’s expanding commitment to implementing Mind-Body Stress Management Programs within their own organization as well as encouraging other companies to do the same. Viniyoga teachers continue to lead classes for Aetna employees at their various corporate locations.  As mentioned…

Re-discovering Viniyoga

“I have practiced Yoga on and off  for 44 years, but until a client raved about what Viniyoga had done for her, I had not heard of it.” Read what Sandra Levy of Alexandria Myotherapy in Alexandria, Virginia has to say about discovering and then re-discovering the therapeutic benefits of Viniyoga.

Watch your Back

Yoga Journal is singing the praises of Viniyoga. In this article focused on back pain relief, Viniyoga shines as an accessible tool with great results. Great sequence by Gary included. Share with your friends! Read the article on »

What is Tantra?

by Gary Kraftsow Traditional Yoga is very different than the modern incarnation of Yoga in the west; so too traditional Tantra very different than the modern incarnation of Tantra in the west. The purpose of this reflection is to make known some of these differences. Yoga in the current public mind is, for the most…