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The Differences Between Yoga Teacher Training Programs and Yoga Therapist Training Programs

By Gary Kraftsow | 03/13/2017 | International Journal of Yoga Therapy

At Aetna, a C.E.O.’s Management by Mantra

By David Gelles | 03/13/2017 | New York Times

How Aetna C.E.O. brings health and healing to workplace

By | 03/13/2017 |

Bertolini found healing in Viniyoga, and it helped change the way he viewed recovery.

Gary Kraftsow on Yoga Therapy and Evidence Based Medicine

By | 03/13/2017 | Omega Institute

Cultivating a Relationship with Your Spine: An Interview with Gary Kraftsow

By | 03/13/2017 | An Interview with Lizzie Lasater

The Meaning of Life, A Reflection by Gary Kraftsow

By Gary Kraftsow | 07/23/2016 |

Gary Kraftsow talks about the meaning of life.

Biomechanics of Respiration

By Gary Kraftsow | 07/01/2015 | Yoga International

A video excerpt from the course, Pranayama Unlocked: A Practice-Based Intensive.

AVI Yoga Therapy Program Accredited by IAYT

By | 07/14/2014 |

Yoga for Depression: An Integrated Practice

By Gary Kraftsow | 05/31/2013 |

Yoga teaches us how to lift ourselves out of depression and move toward a deeper sense of self. Find out how—and try these poses, breathing exercises, and mantras.