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Cultivating a Relationship with Your Spine: An Interview with Gary Kraftsow

By | 03/13/2017 | An Interview with Lizzie Lasater

The Meaning of Life, A Reflection by Gary Kraftsow

By Gary Kraftsow | 07/23/2016 |

Gary Kraftsow talks about the meaning of life.

Yoga for Depression: An Integrated Practice

By Gary Kraftsow | 05/31/2013 |

Yoga teaches us how to lift ourselves out of depression and move toward a deeper sense of self. Find out how—and try these poses, breathing exercises, and mantras.

Influencing the Direction of Change: Practicing Yoga for Stress Reduction

By Gary Kraftsow | 03/29/2012 | YogaChicago Magazine

Yoga As a Religion?

By Andrea Ferretti | 03/01/2012 | Yoga Journal

Gary Kraftsow was a member of a panel that discussed issues of yoga and religion with Yoga Journal.

When asked if it’s possible to teach the deeper aspects of yoga in a way that doesn’t cross boundaries of ideology and belief, Gary responded, “I think that we can definitely teach a mind-body connection and teach deeper aspects of yoga without any language that would conflict with anyone’s ideology.”

“If you have a deeper initiation into the broader tradition of yoga, then you recognize that what’s relevant for one individual or group isn’t the same as another. If you see what is going to be appropriate for the individual or the group you’re working with, you can adapt and give them what’s going to serve them.”

Where is Yoga Headed These Days? The Experts Discuss its Evolution, and Future

By Alice G. Walton | 09/07/2011 |

Gary joins a panel with Seane Corn, Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman at the Omega Institute to discuss the commercialization of yoga.