Digital Workshop – Āsana Unlocked

Reframe Your Understanding, Renew Your Practice, Refresh Your Teaching


This course is an introduction to the Viniyoga approach to āsana. It explains: 

  • the function of yoga postures
  • the importance of coordinating breath and movement in āsana practice and how to adapt form and breath to suit individual needs 
  • the use of repetition and stay in āsana practice
  • the art and science of sequencing āsanas in relation to each other, as well as sequencing āsana as part of an integrated practice that may also include prāṇāyāma, meditation, chanting, and/or mantra  

This course is for students and teachers of all levels who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of āsana. Practitioners will learn to use āsana as a means to better understand their bodies and begin to transform their present condition. Teachers can further their understanding of what is happening in their students’ bodies, and learn how to use adaptation in āsana to empower their students toward transformation.